BOXETTI is an exclusive furniture brand founded in 2008 by designer Roland Landsberg.

“100% design 2009” exhibition in London was the first presentation outlet for BOXETTI concept.

Ever since Boxetti has developed its products implementing most challenging technological solutions and finishing materials of the highest calibre – varnished woods, natural leather and stainless steel. 

In 2014 Boxetti/MO collection was presented. Different shapes, structures and irregular angles were combined in one masterpiece creating the perfect system.

Boxetti/MO products are complex and very clean at the same time. Subtle design and functionality lie at the very core of Boxetti/MO creations.

Boxetti/Q Modular Sofa collection is the newest addition to the Boxetti product range presented in Stockholm Furniture & Light fair in February 2016. 

Story of One Idea

BOXETTI was created with one comprehensive idea that stirred its development forward. One idea that put together an amazingly creative team of professionals and pushed them to the highest point of their craft. An idea to create furniture that would change our regular perception of living space. Furniture sophisticated enough to call it work of art, yet so comfortable in use that it would capture the most intelligent minds. 


Our Values: Passion, Love, Enthusiasm and Sense. 

BOXETTI creations are impeccable simbiosys of refined beauty and smart technology.

Our Passion for wood has lead us to manufacture our products to pure perfection.

Our Love for natural leather has thaught us the finest way of handling this intricate material.

Our Enthusiasm towards technology has facilitated unexpected solutions of increased functionality.  

Our deep Sense of art and design drew inspiration from post-minimalism, modern functionalism and futurism.