Q Sofa module_11
Q Sofa module_11
Q Sofa module_11
Q Sofa module_11

Q Sofa module_11

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BOXETTI / Q sofa several modules collection exhibits unique solutions:


Panels are made from a carpenter plates, natural veneered, fastened between themselves with LAMELLO Clamex S anchorages.

Two  drawers

Anchorages covered by special decorative details that printed out with 3D printer and painted.

Panels are veneered with 3 different types of veneer and lacquered with matte lacquer.

From BOXETTI/Q 12 different modules can be assembled a wide sort of combinations.

We advise that you send us your chosen modules and their sequence before ordering so that we can prepare and send you a 3D sketch for the chosen combination.


Product code: Q 11

Dimensions: 980 x 1600 x 430 mm

Weight: 93 kg


*This product is available in European countries 


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