Multi-functional Art or Furniture?

In the time of rapid change a product that is created as a finished piece has little longevity. An art, object, interior or furniture should stretch beyond its functionality and beyond its prime purpose. BOXETTI always aspires to create collections that allow change, movement, and evolvement.

BOXETT has recently launched a collection called /element which is a wall system designed by Roland Landsberg and it is decorative, multifunctional and brilliant in its essence.

Although this piece may look like a modern wall decoration at first it seamlessly features complex integrated technological solutions and stunning decorative objects. BOXETTI/element brings sophistication, ambiance and uniquely striking atmosphere in any room it resides.

Similarly to the _Concept collection which was released back in 2008, BOXETTI makes it easy to question what are the limitations of our perception of what furniture is and how will it evolve for the future generations.

Functionality, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics combined with skillful handcrafting is at the core of this collection.

By being able to rearrange each individual element in various combinations, colors, and patterns Boxetti has been able to provide the user with an interactive and fun experience.