Roland Landsberg
"We live in a time of changes.
A sofa can be more than just a sofa, an art object can be multi-functional.
Boxetti furniture is a work of art."

 / Roland Landsberg /


BOXETTI is one of the newest popular and innovative modern furniture brands founded in 2008 in Milano, Italy by two designers - Roland Landsberg and Tano Marciello. Each of our collections is multi-functional and creative. Every single detail is well thought out and done with the finest components. Revolutionary solutions and innovative technologies are created for an exceptional experience and allow us to create a unique furniture design for You.

"100% Design London 2009’’ exhibition was the first presentation for BOXETTI/CONCEPT. This collection attracted huge media attention and Concept was published in magazines like Vogue Russia and Forbes Life and 2012 Concept took a part in "Ouverture Design on/off" Milano.

In "100% Design London 2014" we presented premium class collection BOXETTI/MO. This collection is special with its high-quality materials and specific technical solutions. During 2015 we created BOXETTI/Q collection and took part in "Stockholm Fair Expo 2016'' in Sweden.

All the collections are designed to complement contemporary furniture design using aesthetically pure forms and clean lines. Our experience allows us to fulfill the most creative ideas. Individual solutions can be developed in accordance with your needs and wildest desires.