MO double sofa
MO double sofa
MO double sofa
MO double sofa

MO double sofa

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BOXETTI / MO double sofa is an exclusive piece of furniture with lifting side panel and LED lights.

It is made using premium materials with varnished and polished finishing.

The base of the frame is made of aluminum. Soft components are covered with natural leather from VACONA collected by Camo Leathers. Painted with ecological aniline-based paint. Handles, legs and other decorative elements are available in polished or sanded stainless steel.

Both side panels are equipped with a pneumatic system for easier lifting, and the lights turn on automatically.

This series is a unique and one of the most known works of the designer Roland Landsberg.


Product code: MO 500
Dimensions: 1060 x 1700 x 692 mm
Weight: 130 kg

 *This product is available in European countries

BOXETTI materials

CA-MO Leather

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